The AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) today announced that NVIDIA has joined as a platinum sponsor, expanding the growing list of industry-leading AI companies and communities working with the alliance.

An NVIDIA representative will serve on the AIIA’s board of directors. With its expertise across multiple industries and technologies, NVIDIA plans to work with the AIIA community to accelerate AI deployments and simplify AI/ML for all enterprise and community practitioners.

“NVIDIA’s commitment to democratizing AI has been a guiding principle in our business decisions for many years,” said Michael Balint, principal product architect at NVIDIA and board member delegate for the AIIA. “AIIA’s mission to create an MLOps ecosystem operating under commonly shared standards is critical to achieving this goal.”

AIIA will work with NVIDIA around a shared vision of democratizing AI for the enterprise via a robust MLOps ecosystem. As a member of AIIA, NVIDIA will share insight into its technologies and best practices around AI/ML deployments with other community members.

The AIIA’s mission is to bring clarity to the rapidly evolving MLOps ecosystem through events, research, education, standards building and by uniting vendors across the world to work together, integrate and form joint strategies.

There is a Cambrian explosion of new companies and platforms in the MLOps space, along with a tremendous amount of innovation. The ecosystem is moving so quickly, it is difficult to establish  standards, ensuring limited cross-platform interoperability. The AIIA aims to build compatibility across platforms and offer educational resources that support a shared and common understanding of  the rapidly growing MLOps ecosystem.

One of the AIIA’s key initiatives is to develop a shared canonical stack for machine learning. For AI apps to become as ubiquitous as the apps on phones, organizations will need a definitive stack for machine learning that makes it easy for non-tech companies to level up fast.  Think LAMP or MEAN stack for AI/ML. The AIIA provides the fertile soil to help the stack of tomorrow grow organically from today’s massive sprawl of platforms. 

AIIA will help define tomorrow’s stack with an array of essential initiatives designed to help companies get out of their silos. It does that in a number of ways unique to the industry.

The alliance’s Board of Data Science brings together engineers across companies and communities to work together. They are working on universal use cases, defining the key characteristics of each phase of the AIIA MLOps blueprint, and discovering the best open source projects in the space.

With its unique approach to communities, think of the AIIA as a community of communities. Where data scientists, data engineers and MLOps engineers are having the most dynamic conversations,  the AIIA goes and partners with those communities. By working with communities in a consensual way, AIIA increases the feedback loop between working engineers and the platforms that will help them do their jobs better today and tomorrow.

AIIA also runs themed monthly events in partnership with those communities. Every month it features a different theme like experiment tracking, model serving, data versioning and lineage and much more. They are free and open to all and avoid tired product pitches, instead focusing completely on education and use cases.

Lastly, AIIA is working on a series of industry landscapes and creating key industry reports to help illuminate the state-of-the-art in MLOps software. These show how to build a team from one data scientist to hundreds, and break down where each essential component of a complete AI/ML stack is now and where it is going over the next decade. These reports provide a road map to build teams and help users understand where to spend their precious resources as they buy or build a canonical stack for machine learning.

Machine learning is one of the most powerful technologies on the planet. Unleashing its true world-changing potential requires a stack everyone can build on and a place where everyone can come together to work as one. AIIA aims to help develop a true stack, going beyond the Cambrian explosion of infrastructure software to an explosion of new AI-driven applications that touch every industry on Earth.

Join the AIIA and you won’t just ride the winds of change. You’ll shape them with us.