Before the holiday seasons, we reached out to AIIA members and researched many of the companies outside the AIIA to build a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities.  You may recall that in the early days of AIIA we built a similar graphic but with only 20 companies.  This new graphic has 24 categories and 100 companies.  It will be out of date soon and that’s why we’ll keep updating as the field grows and changes.  We change with it, so you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest in this incredibly exciting field. 

Check out the new graphic at the bottom.  Feel free to share it and use it in your own presentations along with our comprehensive blueprints.

One of the most essential goals of the AIIA is to bring clarity to the vast and ever changing landscape of machine learning infrastructure.  We’ve already developed a series of essential blueprints that outline the rapidly advancing design pattern that will lead us to a canonical stack for AI/ML.  But that landscape is always in motion and no one graphic captures it which is why we create new ones that give you a different angle on the same knowledge. 

A lot of organizations try to bring clarity to machine learning infrastructure but fall short.  Why?  Because when companies put out a slide with 500 made up categories of AI/ML and try to fit every company’s logo into a tiny little box it just doesn’t make any sense. How can you fit multifaceted tools into a single box when they have capabilities across multiple categories?  Is Sagemaker just a pipeline system or does it also do data wrangling and automl and monitoring?  Every tool ends up having multiple purposes and it just doesn’t fit into a nice neat box.  A tool might start with a single purpose, like labeling but quickly expand into monitoring and pipelines.  That’s why we’re constantly updating our understanding of the landscape.  We change because the landscape is changing as developers expand their offerings again and again.

We’re not going to stop here. We’ll continue to keep track of this rapidly evolving space, and in 2022 we’ll launch our official database of machine learning companies that gives you a clear picture of what they can and can’t do, in simple, focused terms, that make sense.  

But for now, we’re going to have a much needed rest and we wish you all happy holidays and we’ll see you in the new year.