MLOps Day 2 Summit: Monitor, Observe, Explain

  • Join us for an awesome half day of monitoring, observability and exaplainability from some of the most innovative platforms in the space: Arize, WhyLabs, TruEra, Aporia, Bosch AI, Fiddler, Seldon and more

June 23, 2022

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Model Serving

  • Learn shadow deployments and blue/green deployments of a model
  • Link to a monitoring system and diagnose a deteriorating model
  • See how pytorch and tensorflow deployments are different and why
  • See how to roll back to an earlier version of a model

April 7, 2022

Experiment Tracking

  • Tips and tricks for tracking experiments with Clear ML
  • Demo of an agricultural model experiment with Valohai
  • A one hour experiment tracking walk through with Iguazio
  • Determined AI shows tracking in notebooks

March 3, 2022