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The AIIA takes a very unique approach to communties.  Instead of trying to roll everyone into our own Slack or Discord community, think of us as a community hub. We’re a community of communties. Wherever the conversation is happening in AI/ML, we partner with that wonderful group on everything from events and education, to sharing ideas, so we can all grow and learn together.

The MLOps Community

The MLOps Community fills the swiftly growing need to share real-world Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field. The community is laser-focused on solving the unique challenges of building production AI/ML pipelines. We’re in this together. Share knowledge. Ask questions. Get answers.

Data-Centric AI

The data-centric AI community focuses on data gathering, curating, labeling, cleaning and transforming data. Come work with experts, peers and friends to explore approaches to data centric AI together!


DataTalks.Club is a global online community of data scientiest and data engineers.  Our podcasts cover all aspects of the industry, and we’ve got in depth articles, events and webinars that are great for everyone from seasoned professionals to people brand new to data science.

Data Science Salon

We deliver a centralized hub for senior data science practitioners, data science managers, analysts, and engineering professionals to come together, learn from each other and innovate new solutions.


TheSequence is the Number One AI Newsletter on Substack. It keeps you up to date with the latest research papers, cool tech releases, AI startups and investments, notable tweets about AI, and other useful information to keep you informed without hassle. No need to sift through, follow dozens of blogs, and collect bookmarks. Every Sunday, TheSequence Scope is in your inbox: precise and informative.

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