The AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) announced today that DataRobot joined the Alliance, expanding the rapidly growing list of industry-leading AI companies and communities working together across the world.

With its expertise across the entire AI lifecycle, from data to value, DataRobot will collaborate with the AIIA community to accelerate AI delivery to meet the demands, challenges, and opportunities facing organizations today.

“Our customers require an open platform and DataRobot embraces modularity as the guiding principle of our software,” said Brian Bell, Senior Director, MLOps. “We believe in the AIIA mission to deliver clear, concise, neutral information about the entire ecosystem and encourage MLOps platforms to work together with commonly shared standards.”

AIIA will work with DataRobot around a shared vision of modularized AI for the enterprise. DataRobot will work closely with the AIIA Board of Data Science to help set the stage for broader integration across the industry.

DataRobot is one of the most widely deployed and proven AI platforms in the market today, delivering over a trillion predictions for leading companies around the world, including a third of the Fortune®  50. The unified DataRobot AI Cloud platform empowers organizations to deploy custom models in third party tools, add additional services as their AI strategy expands, and integrate directly with popular applications and services leveraging the DataRobot partner ecosystem.

The AIIA’s mission is to bring clarity to the rapidly evolving MLOps ecosystem through events, research, education, standards building and by uniting vendors across the world to work together, integrate and form joint strategies.

AIIA research and leadership helps enterprise organizations understand the innovation in the MLOps ecosystem. “The AIIA’s recently released report, the AI Infrastructure Ecosystem of 2022, offers one of the most comprehensive overviews of the entire industry, helping organizations come to grips with all these platforms,” said Bell. “Data science leaders can reference this report to help implement DataRobot alongside  the partners and platforms you’re already using in production.”

The Alliance’s Board of Data Science brings together engineers across companies and communities to work together. They are working on universal use cases, defining the key characteristics of each phase of the AIIA MLOps blueprint, and discovering the best open source projects in the space.

The AIIA also has a unique approach to communities. Think of it as a community of communities. Wherever data scientists, data engineers and MLOps engineers are having the most dynamic conversations, the AIIA partners with those communities. By working with communities in a clear and open way, AIIA increases the feedback loop between working engineers and the platforms that will help them do their jobs better today and tomorrow.

AIIA also runs major quarterly events that feature deep and educational talks and some of the brightest minds in the field.

Machine learning is one of the most powerful technologies on the planet. Unleashing its true game-changing potential requires a place where everyone can come together to work as one. AIIA looks to unite all the platforms building the infrastructure to unleash an explosion of new AI-driven applications that will touch every industry on Earth.

Join the AIIA and you’ll help shape the MLOps world of today and tomorrow.