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Data-Centric AI Event – Sept 29-30 2022

Learn how to put data-centric AI into practice in the real world. Hear from some of the top practitioners in the world today along with some of the most advanced platforms. Explore talks from the leaders of massive data sets used to train some of the largest foundational models on the planet.


MLOps Day 2: Monitor, Observe, Explain – Jun 2022

Our biggest and most powerful event so far, with 14 speakers from some of the biggest and most cutting edge companies in Monitoring, Observability and Explainability. Rewatch the full one day summit of lightning talks, deep dives and demos.


Model Serving Event – April 2022

Check out our keynote deep dive on model serving with Seldon Chief Evangelist, Ed Shee, with lots of demo and code! After that be sure to watch our lightning talks with special guests, Valohai, Iguazio and Modzy.


Experiment Tracking Event – Feb 2022

Check out all the videos from our Experiment Tracking Event with Iguazio giving the keynote and ClearML, Determined AI and Valohai delivering some awesome lightnining talks.

AIIA Interviews

MLOPs Innovators Series

We talk with WhyLabs on why observability matters and why the rise of data-centric AI is changing AI/ML as we know it now.

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