Experiment Tracking event

March 3 2022. 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 5 PM CT


Learn how to keep track of multiple experiments, compare them and visualized them, all while working with a distributed team.


Vote for your favorite video today and the winner will deliver a 1 hour hands-on demo or lab, while the runners-up will deliver 10 minute lightning talks.

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Check out the talks you’ll see below.



LGN walks you through how to join the AI Avengers, as well as how to do A/B testing to create resilient, real-world ready applications.



ClearML covers many of the major challenges people run into when they try to log their experiments and they’ll walk through an experiment workflow from beginning to end.



Valohai gives you an experiment tracking test case that  shows how a data scientist compared a LightGBM model to show it outperformed an LSTM model and then wanted to prove it out to see if it still held true at greater scale.



Determined AI handles massive distributed training but they also handle robust experiment tracking and in this video they show you just how they can track everything from start to finish and compare it all easily.



Iguazio talks about why it’s one thing to track experiments on your own or on a single laptop but why it’s another thing all together to track experiments and create artifacts that work well in production.¬† The team shows you how to make the leap from desktop to production smoothly.

Click this link to register and you’re good to go. We’ll send you all the details ASAP.

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