How to become a partner?

Partnership Process

Partnership is open to organizations and companies of all sizes.  Membership is divided into three key segments:

  • Core Members
  • Solutions Integrators
  • Partner Members

Core Membership is limited to AI infrastructure software companies or projects only.  Joining the Alliance requires a recommendation or invite from a current member in good standing of the Core. Membership is granted by a simple majority vote of the current governing alliance.

We strongly favor open source or open core, though SaaS based services, proprietary add-ons and components are permitted.

Solutions Integrators are companies that deliver IT services to companies looking to roll out, maintain or expand their AI and machine learning infrastructure.

Partner membership is open to organizations and companies that are connected with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), in particular service providers, data scientists, research and development centers, AI hardware companies, non-AI infrastructure software companies and projects, universities, community groups, media hubs and more. 

SaaS companies, closed source platforms and cloud providers, as well as teams building a robust ecosystem for AI with powerful APIs are equally welcome in the Alliance as partners.

Joining the Alliance

If you are interested in joining the alliance then you can reach us at: infra [AT]

If you are approved or invited to join the alliance then the process to become a member or partner is simple. Send a read-receipt email to infra [AT] from an authorized representative for you, your company or organization with the subject line: “Partner Permission” and the following text in the body of the email:

“I grant the AI Infrastructure Alliance the non-exclusive right to use [my/our] logo, mark, or likeness (“Logo”) on the Partner page of the Alliance Website (“Website”). I also grant the right to mention [myself, my company or organization] as a partner in communications (“Communications”), such as, but not limited to, blog posts, podcasts, articles, interviews, press releases, and emails.”

Please replace [my/our] with “my” if you are an individual or “our” if you are an organization/company. Replace [myself, my company or organization] with the appropriate designation as well.

Please include your full name and title in the email.

Leaving the Alliance is simple as well. Simply send a read-receipt email to the same address, from your authorized representative with the subject line “Revoke my membership in the Alliance” and we will cease using your logo and drop you from all subsequent materials and communities.

Membership Fees

There is no fee for core members or partnerships with the Alliance at this time, though the Alliance may consider fees at the recommendation of the governing council for membership at a later date.